Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes Special Meeting of the Chief Ouray Gun Club 10/5/10

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

Meeting Minutes

10/5/10 6:30 pm

Location:  Silver Nugget Café

Special Meeting – Gun Show follow up


Meeting called to order at 6:35pm


Regular club officers (Craig MacCraiger, Bob Morss, Ira Knutson, Michael Ardoin, Gayle Buske, Dave Coleman) were present.


General members present:  Lawrence Carlock, Gary Wenande, Larry and Jeanne Coulter, Bud Zanett, Linda Moss, Wilson Jones


Minutes:  Minutes from 9/28/10 were read and accepted with no changes.


Treasurer’s report by Craig MacCraiger – Gun club balance is $6,503.99.  Gayle Buske moved to accept the treasurer’s report.  Morss seconded.  Motion carried.


President’s report by Bob Morss – many thanks to everyone for putting on a very successful gun show.


Bills:  Bill for $86.34 and change from Survival4Chicks for CBI background checks, door prize registrations, thanks vendors posters, and gun show rules, carried over from last meeting, was presented.  Craig moved to pay.  Mike 2nd.  Motion carried.


Bill for $58.65 from Survival4Chicks for ink and paper was presented.  Craig moved to pay.  Mike 2nd.  Motion carried.


Craig calculated $934.20 due to Dick Frantz for organizing the show.  Craig moved to pay.  Mike 2nd.  Motion carried.


Craig presented bill for $311.00 for the banner.  Dave moved to pay.  Mike 2nd.  Motion carried.


Gayle presented a check for $35 made out to the gun club from new members who signed up over the weekend.  She had overpaid the club in cash due to the missing check.  Gun Club paid Buske a total of $179.99 for the previously mentioned bills plus the $35 “swap” for the check.


Discussion was raised whether to ask Best Western for the $150 kitchen fee the club was charged for the show.  After discussion Gayle moved that we do not ask them for reimbursement.  Bob 2nd.  Motion carried.


Reports of committees


Gun Show Committee Report and discussion


497 visitors for the weekend (381 Saturday and 116 Sunday)

16 background checks done

54 tables sold to 22 vendors

Show net profits approximately $1,686.43


What went poorly:

1)      Communication with food vendor could have been better (regarding insurance needs and kitchen usage)

2)      More volunteers are needed for next year

3)      Table width (could have been wider)

4)      Sign needed by gate advertising breakfast and lunch


What went well:

1)      Good time of year

2)      Larry did a good job hanging flyers

3)      Show organization

4)      Vendors were happy

5)      Shoppers were happy

6)      Just about everything went well


Need to remember/do for next year:

1)      Gun show committee

2)      Need zip ties

3)      More door prizes

4)      Flyers at chamber offices two days before show

5)      Flyers at hotels two days before show

6)      More fliers hanging – recheck one week before show

7)      Knives not next to knives (vendor complaint)

8)      Committee needs to research more vendors to invite (Lawrence?)

9)      4H kids to load and unload


Post show – needs to be done

1)      Mail check to Dick with thank you letter (Gayle)

2)      Thank you letter to vendors (Gayle)

3)      Press release to paper (Gayle)


We have door prizes that weren’t claimed.  Craig moved that we leave another voice message for them that they need to pick up.  If they do not, we will recycle them for next year.  Bob 2nd.  Motion carried.


Discussion about organizer for next year.  Gayle offered to organize if the group wanted but agreed that Frantz did an outstanding job and would co-organize if that is what was wanted.  Craig moved we ask Dick to help one more time.  Dave 2nd.  Motion carried.


Discussion about next year’s show dates.  Craig moved we try May 6, 7, 8 and open Friday evening.  Ira 2nd.  Motion carried.


Discussion about a fall show next year.  Bob moved we do fall as well (1st weekend in October as this one was done).  Craig 2nd.  Motion carried.


Other possible venues suggested for next year:  Biota plant, ReddiMix building.


Unfinished Business


10)   Monthly meetings – date/time need to be decided.  Gayle moved we adopt the 3rd Tuesday of each month (except this month) at 6:30pm at the Silver Nugget.  Bob 2nd.  Motion passed 4-2.  Dissenters didn’t want a monthly meeting at all.

11)   Weeds – after much discussion, Craig moved we spend $65 to buy weed killer for range.  Bob 2nd.  Motion passed 6-1.  Dissenter was concerned about additional costs (sprayer, supervision by county, etc.) that would be needed.

12)   Gayle moved we table the following items until the next meeting.  Dave 2nd.  Motion carried.


a.       Ridgway Chamber membership

b.      Membership process

c.       Ben Lockard – indoor range at Biota plant?

d.      Membership drive

                                                               i.      Mailing to entire county costs about $543.43

                                                             ii.      Montrose membership model:

1.       members must come to one meeting

2.       don’t get membership card until they do

3.       At that meeting they sign the range’s rules.

4.       All signatures on range rules kept on file.

5.       They charge a $100 initiation fee.  $85 every year.  So initial pmt to club is $185.  If their membership lapses they must repay the $100 init fee.  Keeps people sending dues on time because no one wants to pay init fee again.

e.      CMP membership

f.        NRA Women On Target Grant update

g.       Gun Club goals

h.      What to do with the building on property


New Business

13)   Buske asked to put a large (4x8) sign on the Orvis property on the north side of the range driveway.  Sign would face the south and the north.  She has obtained permission from Orvis’ and they have donated two poles to erect the sign and pledged their help with a backhoe to dig the post holes.  Jim and Gayle Buske will donate the 4x7 sheet of wood and will paint the sign.  There will be no cost to the club for the sign.  Craig moved we erect the sign on the condition that we check with the county and CDOT first.  Bob 2nd.  Motion carried.

14)   Bob Cole mentioned that there has been a lot of brass left at the range.  We need a sign eventually that tells people to pick up their brass.

15)   Buske put up a sign at the gate telling people how to join the club and/or renew membership.

16)   Buske posted the range’s rules at the range.

17)   Insurance for the club was discussed.  Craig had quoted this out at about $1,500 per year.

18)   Turkey shoot for this year?  Ira moved that it be 2:00 on October 31.  Craig 2nd.  Motion carried.  Buske asked about advertising (events calendars for newspapers).  Ira and Craig were concerned about letting in non-members because the club doesn’t have insurance.  Since the event is open to members only, we cannot get it into the papers.  Craig suggested we tell them it was open to the public.  Buske refused to lie to the papers.  The matter of advertising was dropped.

19)   Discussion was raised then about how to get new members.  Additionally, we may be bringing in many new people including non-members for a Women On Target shoot next year.  It is felt that range improvements are needed before we do so.  Buske said this will need to be addressed soon and before the WOT event.  If we receive the grant, we have to do the shoot so all of these items (improvements and insurance) will need to be taken care of.

20)   Craig balanced the checkbook with the new approved payments.  Club balance is now at $5,080.00




There were no new announcements


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.


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