Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes - Regular Meeting 11/16/10

Posted by Gayle Buske on Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chief Ouray Gun Club

Meeting Minutes – Regular Meeting

11/16/10 6:30 pm

Location:  Silver Nugget Café


Meeting called to order at 6:33pm


Regular club officers (Craig MacCraiger, Bob Morss, Michael Ardoin, Gayle Buske, Dave Coleman) were present.


General members present:  Bud Zanett, Glenda Young, John Young, Brian Haselnus


Non members present:  Ron Mabry, Lawrence Carlock


Minutes:  Minutes from 10/5/10 were accepted with no changes.


Special business:  weed presentation by Ron Mabry, Ouray County Weed Officer.  Mabry stated that we have a lot of spotted knapweed on the range.  Very invasive.  Each plant creates 5,000-7,000 seeds.  Each seed viable for 5-7 years.  Will be ongoing process to get rid of the weeds on the range.  Need to get back on the spraying right away in the spring to be more effective.  Herbicide we purchased is Milestone.  Very common.  Very effective and low-risk herbicide.  Also available at Murdoch’s.  Mabry wanted to do a cost share with the range to see how it would go.  Would also be interested in a range membership.  Should get rid of weeds and then plant grass at range to help keep weeds away in the future. 


Treasurer’s report by Craig MacCraiger – Gun club balance is about $5,305.00 (please note a discrepancy from last month’s reported balance of $6,503.99).  There was much discussion about the lack of an exact accounting being unacceptable.  Treasurer’s report was not accepted.


President’s report by Bob Morss – asked everyone to be quick and concise as we have a lot to get through.


Bills:  No bills were officially presented for payment.


Gayle presented checks and cash in the amount of $210 from new members who signed up over the last month.


Morss presented $35 cash from a new member.


The following new members have been added since the last meeting:


1)      Adam Kunz

2)      Dan Fossey

3)      Patrick Rondinelli

4)      Catherin McElmann

5)      Jane and Bill Collier

6)      Lee Ann and Ben Voivedich

7)      Sue Williamson

8)      Paul Hendricks


There have also been a few renewals since the last month but they haven’t been tracked.


Reports of committees


2011 Gun Show Committee Report and discussion


Committee has not been formed so there was no report or discussion.


Unfinished Business


1)      Ridgway Chamber membership.  The issue is whether or not to join the chamber.  Dave moved to join.  Gayle 2nd.  Motion carried.

2)      Membership committee.  Discussion was raised over the need for a membership committee.  Gayle moved we form one.  Dave 2nd.  Motion carried.  Initial volunteers and committee members are:  Dave, Bob, Gayle.

3)      Indoor range at Biota plant.  Issue is whether or not to pursue this idea.  After discussion it was determined that the club does not have the financial or human resources to pursue at this time.  Dave moved we not pursue it.  Bob 2nd.  Motion carried.

4)      CMP Membership.  Issue was whether or not to join the CMP.  After discussion, it was noted that there is no real benefit to the club to join.  Major benefit is to purchase discounted military surplus guns.  However, individuals can join and get the same benefits.  Bob moved we not join CMP.  Dave 2nd.  Motion carried.

5)      NRA Women on Target Grant update.  Buske reported.  It is looking better than ever that we will receive the grant.  $16,000 was proposed.  We will likely get between half that amount and the full amount itself.  Allocations meeting is Saturday, November 20.  We should know for sure by Monday the 22nd.  We have the Norwood Friends of the NRA and the Montrose Friends of the NRA advocating for us.  Gayle has been in contact with both groups and has been working with them to push the grant through.  Both groups have a vote in whether or not we receive the grant.  Both want to see us get it.  Both are excited about a women’s shoot on the Western Slope.  Both have offered to help with the event and the promotion thereof.

6)      Gun club goals.  It was mentioned that the club needs a “wish list” and goals for the club.  Bob moved, Craig 2nd, motion carried that we need to form a Goals Committee.  Initial volunteers are:  Bob, Gayle, Craig, Mike, Dave.

Initial ideas for goals were:

a.       Get rid of building

b.      Put up a bulletin board at the range

c.       Post a sign in box at the gate

d.      Fundraising

e.      Covered firing points

7)      Building on the property.  Follow up needed on what to do with it.  Hodge had a man in Ridgway who salvages buildings.  Need an update from him.

8)      Club sign on Orvis property.  The request to check with the county unearthed many issues facing the gun club:

a.       Club does not have a special use permit – shooting is not an approved activity within the valley according to Land Use Coordinator

b.      Club property acquired in 1989 – land use code was in place before that time

c.       No improvements per county code

d.      Per deed – no well on property

e.      Per deed – no commercial or residential on property

f.        Dos not think we can put a sign up on Orvis.  Needs to be on our property and affixed to a building


Bob moved, Gayle 2nd, motion carried that these things need to be fixed as we are the stewards of the club and if these aren’t fixed, there may not be a club one day.  Gayle to form committee to resolve.  Need to check to see who the planning committee members are.  Check with Carl Cockle.

9)      Turkey shoot update:  there were three people there.  Craig noted that it would be nice if officers and more members would show up for these events.  Buske referenced last meeting’s minutes and the discussion resulting in no advertising and limited notifications.


New Business

1)      Insurance for the club.  Buske referenced the great risk to the club by not having liability insurance.  Craig stated that the club had checked previously and it was over $1,500 and too expensive.  Buske showed an insurance quote, which was done in the last month.  For $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate, the rate would be just $9.13 per member per year.  With our current membership list of 107 our cost would be $976.91 per year.  Bob moved and Gayle 2nd, motion carried that we:  acquire insurance after April when we take membership renewals.  This will give us a more accurate account of our membership numbers, which will likely reduce the amount we need to pay for the first year of coverage.  Bob moved and Gayle 2nd, motion carried that for 2011 we increase membership dues from $35 to $45 to cover the cost of insurance.

2)      Bud recommended that we also get errors and omissions insurance for the club officers.  Gayle will research.

3)      Bud Zanett spoke on the issue of taxes and tax returns for the club.  Good news is that we have an annual report and it has been filed annually.  We also have articles of incorporation.  We have a federal ID number.  We also have bylaws.  Bad news is that we are NOT a non-profit organization as far as the IRS is concerned.  We DO have to file tax returns annually.  We need to file a 1023 form (about 33 pages long) at a cost of $400-$750 in order to apply for a federal non-profit status.  Doing so would exempt us from property taxes and all other taxes.  Bud will contact the IRS to see if they even know we exist.  Will we have to pay taxes on grant monies received currently?  Yes.  He recommends we file the 1023 to obtain federal non-profit status.  Can’t get most grant money without 501(c)3 status.  With 501(c)3 status, donations to the club would be tax deductible to the donor as well.  It was also recommended that we check with other clubs to see if they are 501(c)3.  (updated after meeting – Glenda Young checked and ALL of the gun clubs in the surrounding area are in fact 501(c)3.

4)      Tri County Water.  Harry thought that we had paid for a water tap at the club some years ago.  Gayle called Tri-County and researched.  The findings:  There is one at 21438 Hwy 550 but that was sold to Mathew Leubtow in 1988.  Payments are current.  There are renters at this location.  Deed says our address is 21758 and there is NO record of a water tap being bought for that property or under the name “Ouray Gun Club” or “Chief Ouray Gun Club”.

5)      Our property deed reflects 21758 as our address.  We currently list it as 21438.  This needs to be changed on all materials and official papers.

6)      Gayle has developed proposed SOPs for the gun range.  SOPs will be mandatory to obtain insurance.  The proposed SOPs will be posted on the website for review by the membership.

7)      Craig brought up the unfairness of the fees charged to instructors for using the range.  The fee is currently $50 per use regardless of the number of students.  Brian said that Montrose charges $10 per person.  Gayle agreed that this was a more fair charge.  Bob moved, Craig 2nd, motion carried that we will now charge $10 per non-member student to instructors.  Club members will not be charged the range use fee.

8)      Mike brought up insurance for instructors.  Buske stated that she carried her own $1,000,000 policy for classes.  Mike moved and Bob 2nd, motion carried that all future instructors be required to carry and prove similar insurance.  As a matter of record, Buske is inserting a copy of her policy here. 

9)      Additional note:  Buske is inserting, as a matter of record, her instructor credentials.  These should be collected for any future instructors teaching at the Chief Ouray Gun Club range.



Gayle Buske is now an NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer.  This designation allows her to train and certify other Range Safety Officers as well as develop range SOPs.


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:31pm.


To-Do items for future:

1)      Put up bulletin board at range

2)      Put up sign in box at range

3)      Post lane rules on each lane at range

4)      Get rid of building

5)      Membership committee needs to get email addresses on as many club members as possible.

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