Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from Special Meeting of COGC 09/28/10

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

Meeting Minutes

09/28/10 6:30 pm

Location:  Silver Nugget Café

Special Meeting – Gun Show


Regular club officers (Craig MacCraiger, Bob Morss, Ira Knutson, Rod Hodge, Michael Ardoin, Gayle Buske, Dave Coleman) were present.


General members present:  Lawrence (?), Harry Franklin


Minutes:  Rod Hodge made a motion to suspend reading of the minutes of the meeting prior as there were no minutes kept.  Michael Ardoin 2nd.  Motion carried unanimously.


Treasurer’s report by Craig MacCraiger – Gun club balance is $3,244.99.  Must remove outstanding checks from that which brings gun club balance to $2.332.99.  Gayle Buske moved to accept the treasurer’s report.  Hodge seconded.  Motion carried.


President’s report by Bob Morss – signs for the show are about 2/3 done.  Presented one example sign.  Everyone loved them.


Bills:  Bill for $84 and change from Survival4Chicks for CBI background checks, door prize registrations, thanks vendors posters, and gun show rules was presented.  Treasurer asked if we could take care of next week.  Gayle said that was fine.


Reports of committees


Gun Show Committee Report and discussion


Hodge had several concerns about security:  no one comes or goes after the doors are locked each night.  “Caution” tape should be put over doors in addition to security person at each entrance.  People other than kitchen staff need to be kept out of kitchen area.  We need to get pictures of every vendor table after the doors close to show what was on the table.


Volunteers will be directed to “see Rod Hodge” upon arrival for their shift.  He will direct them where needed.


Show is in the hole by $742 (this is adjusted from last meeting).


Michael Ardoin delivered flyers to the advertisers’ businesses for handout.  Many were almost out.


Craig showed a copy of the insurance certificate.


There was a last minute food mix up.  Hein emailed to say he couldn’t get the insurance therefore couldn’t do the food.  MacCraiger called Timberline to see if they could do food.  She said yes.  In the meantime, Gayle was working to get things straightened out with Hein.  Did a conference call between Hein and Susan Long at 4H center.  Seems he only needed to prove liability insurance not get additional insured certificate.  He faxed it over immediately.  They are good to go.  Craig had to call Timberline and tell them it was a mixup – we’d jumped the gun.


Rod and Bob will be picking up the extra tables needed from the Elks Club on Thursday evening and taking to the 4H center.


Venue contract is signed and complete.  Craig had a copy of it at the meeting.


Craig had check for “cash” for change in the amount of $240.  Gayle forgot to take it along.  Will do that Wednesday.  Change money will be turned over to Dick Frantz Friday morning as he is manning the entry fees.


Much discussion regarding whether or not to purchase a banner to hang at the entrance.  There was a mixup about Bob making one so it didn’t get done.  Buske motioned to forego the expense ($250).  Motion was not seconded.  There was more discussion and many good points made.  Buske retracted her motion.  Morss moved to purchase the sign.  Craig seconded.  Motion carried 5-2.


Much discussion about non-gun vendors at the show.  Montrose’s rules are “no non-gun vendors allowed”.  After much discussion, all agreed that we can’t allow non-gun-related vendors into the show.  The fear is that eventually it could turn into a “craft show” with no gun vendors, thus ending the COGC gun show.


Staffing schedule:  we have a full slate of volunteers for the entire show.  Gayle’s daughter Madi will also serve as gopher.  Volunteers for the weekend are:  Hodge, Morss, Buske, Jim Buske, Madi Buske, Lawrence, Harry Franklin, Johnny Lee Johnson, Gary Wenande, Tom Kranic, Brian Haselnus.  If we need more people, we will ask members when they come to the show.


Gayle needs to post Craig’s List ad for show.


We are getting coverage in the Sun and Plaindealer this week about the gun show.


Ryan Hein has been running ads for the gun show on KIXX in Montrose.


Door prizes:  we have enough door prizes to draw one every hour of the show.  Winners need not be present to win.  Must include email address to be eligible.  Officers are not eligible to win.


We do have access to a microphone and speakers to make announcements and call out door prize winners.


Hodge brought a request from the Girl Scouts.  They would like to sell nuts outside the hall during the show.  This is for our troops overseas.  All of the nuts bought will be shipped overseas to our troops.  MacCraiger moved to allow them.  Morss seconded.  Motion carried.


Morss brought up concern about what to do with the day’s profit at the end of each day.  Motioned that our treasurer pick up the money and deposit it in the bank or in the safe.  Additionally that treasurer and Frantz count the day’s cash together.  Hodge seconded.  Motion carried.


It was discussed that someone needs to sit at the table with Dick Frantz to learn the ropes.  It was decided this would be Morss and Hodge alternating.


Walkie talkies are needed for show staff.  Gayle has 4.  Ira has several.



Unfinished Business


1)      Monthly meetings – date/time – recommend 1st or 3rd Tuesday of month at 6:30 – tabled until next meeting

2)      Ouray Chamber dues – taken care of

3)      Ridgway Chamber membership – tabled until next meeting

4)      Membership process – tabled until next meeting

5)      Ben Lockard – indoor range at Biota plant? – tabled until after gun show

6)      Membership drive – tabled until after gun show

a.       Mailing to entire county costs about $543.43

7)      Weeds – tabled until next meeting

8)      CMP membership – tabled until next meeting

9)      Need Columbus hotel’s $50 for ad – paid

10)   Club goals – tabled until next meeting


New Business

11)   Private foundation money for club – Gayle reported that a local is offering a donation to the gun club.  Amount is yet unknown.  Have given the party our articles of incorporation and proof of 501(c)3 status.

12)   Women on Target NRA grant update – Gayle meeting with Friends of the NRA’s John Nelson tomorrow to go over our grant.  Was pretty sure we’d get it before but John’s help and shepherding  of our grand application makes it almost a sure thing.  Grant request is for nearly $16,000 for a Women On Target shoot.  Included in the grant request is about $4000 for guns and several thousand for ammo that would be owned by the COGC along with a gun safe.

13)   Post gun show meeting 10/5




There were no new announcements


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.


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