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April 2011 Annual Meeting of COGC Minutes

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

Meeting Minutes – ANNUAL Meeting

04/30/11 2:00 pm

Location:  St. John’s Episcopal Church, Ouray



Meeting called to order at 2:10pm


Regular club officers present Bob Morss, Dave Coleman, Ira Knutson, Mike Ardoin, Gayle Buske, Craig MacCraiger


General members present:  Jim Buske, Glenda Young, John Young, Charles Beckner, Lawrence Carlock, Jonny Johnson, Richard Zortman, Doug Gregory, Bumper Williams, Carol Garard, Ken Garard, Craig Hinkson, Chris Hinkson, Stuart Middleton-White, Linda Moss, Mike Fedel, Bob Cole, Barbara Cole, Colleen Hollenbeck, Randy Stanko


Non members present:  Carol Deihl, Kim Shrier


The purpose of this meeting was to elect officers for the new year. 


Officer nominations were taken by Colleen Hollenbeck.  Nominations were:


Bob Morss

Gayle Buske

Bob Cole

Dave Coleman

Mike Fedel

John Young

Mike Ardoin

Ira Knutson

Sue Williamson


Jim Buske moved to close nominations.  Colleen Hollenbeck seconded.  Motion passed with one “nay” by Lawrence Carlock.


In out-of-order action, Lawrence Carlock rose and recited an approximately 5-minute speech where he stated that the gun club had problems.


Bob Morss asked Carlock to leave due to “cussing” during the speech, as well as an overall aggressive nature of his speech.  Carlock refused to leave and proceeded to ask for his membership dues back so he could go to the Montrose Gun Club.


Votes were taken from all paid members.  Colleen Hollenbeck and Linda Moss tallied the votes.


Results are as follows:


Bob Morss - 24

Gayle Buske - 22

Bob Cole - 21

Dave Coleman - 22

Mike Fedel - 19

John Young - 15

Mike Ardoin - 15

Ira Knutson - 8

Sue Williamson - 16


Due to a tie, John Young chose to withdraw.


This left the following 7 top vote getters as club directors:


Bob Morss - 24

Gayle Buske - 22

Bob Cole - 21

Dave Coleman - 22

Mike Fedel - 19

Mike Ardoin - 15

Sue Williamson - 16


The new Directors then voted for Officer positions.  Officers were nominated as follows:


Bob Morss – President

Mike Ardoin – Vice President

Gayle Buske – Secretary

Sue Williamson – Treasurer


Gayle Buske moved to accept the above as Officers.  Dave Coleman seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.


Bob Morss moved to refund Carlock’s membership fee.  Bob Cole seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 2:40pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Buske, Secretary


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