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1/12/11 Women On Target Meeting Minutes

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

WOT Committee Meeting Minutes

1/12/11 6:00 pm

Location:  Buske Residence


Meeting called to order at 6:30pm


Committee members present Bob Morss, Mike Ardoin, Jim Buske, Gayle Buske, Cathy McElman, John Young, Glenda Young, Gail Jossi


Minutes:  Minutes of the last meeting were approved with no changes.


Unfinished Business


1)      Date for the Women On Target shoot was set for August 27, 2011

2)      Cathy and Gail reported that they have spoken with Cabela’s about gun pricing and giveaway items.  They are still working on both.

3)      Regarding the issue of getting rid of the range building, the Ridgway FD has said no.  The Ouray FD looks like a good possibility.  Bob Morss will continue to check in with them.

4)      Bob will check with Blackford and Ralph Lawry about grading the drive.  This can’t be done until spring so it is tabled.

5)      Gayle spoke with other WOT clinic directors about age limits.  One sets no age limit, one sets the age at 16.  The committee agreed that the age for our event will be 16+.  No spectators and no non-shooting children will be allowed.

6)      Gayle will check with Friends of the NRA to see when the grant money will arrive.  Update:  they thought it might have been here before year’s end or shortly after the New Year.  It is not.  Gayle will check again.

7)      Glenda and Gayle will set up a bank account at Alpine Bank specifically for the WOT events.  This has not been done yet as the money has not arrived yet.

8)      Jim will get a PO Box for the WOT events.  This has not been done yet as the money has not arrived yet.

9)      Glenda will talk with Susan Long at the 4H center to reserve the hall for August 27.

10)   Glenda talked to Tammy Tuttle at the Grit about doing the food.  They can do the food for $10-$12 per person.  The committee decided to raise our entry fee slightly to cover the cost of lunch for each shooter.  Volunteers will need to bring or buy their own lunch at the event.  Glenda and/or Cathy will talk to Tammy again.  We would like for them to provide:  a sandwich and piece of fruit for lunch – this should keep the lunch cost to $10 per person.  We will ask the 4H kids if they can sell sodas, chips, and candy bars at the event so they can raise some money.

11)   Gayle drew up a volunteer agreement that all volunteers must sign.  The agreement was approved by the committee.

12)   The range insurance policy which we will get in April will cover the WOT event at NO extra cost.

13)   Gayle will talk to Ridgway, Montrose, and Ouray PD’s to see if they can offer volunteer instructors or other volunteers.  This has not been done yet because we didn’t have a date.  She will put this back on her to-do list.

14)   Range Safety Officer certifications class will be April 10.  See Gayle if you’d like to become certified.  Cost is $17 (just covers materials).  Discounted rate is only available to those volunteering for the WOT event.

15)   Gayle will ask Norwood and Montrose Friends of the NRA if they have any volunteers available.  Again, hasn’t been done because we didn’t have a date.  This can be done now.

16)   Gayle will check other shuttle services to see what it would cost for a shuttle for the day.  There will be no need for additional shuttle vans according to Mike Ardoin.


New Business

1)      Ask board about discounting membership to COGC if they sign up the day of the event

2)      While waiting to shoot, the participants should be loading magazines

3)      Talk to Steve Hill of Ridgway – used to be an instructor – may be willing to assist

4)      Talk to Ken Garard – he was a hunting guide – may be willing to assist

5)      Gail will talk to Maple Taylor about instructing

6)      Need to talk to PD about getting bullhorns for the day

7)      We have enough walkie talkies amongst the committee members and other club members that we can borrow instead of buy them for the event

8)      Need to get three red flags to use while the range is “cold” during the shoot.  The RSO for each range will be in charge of these.

9)      Need large jug of hand sanitizer for the range during the event

10)   Need to talk to Junior to see if they can be involved and loan flags/cones to warn drivers to slow down for the range driveway during the event

11)   Need to track volunteer hours so we can report them as in-kind donations for the grant

12)   Check Toys R Us for toy guns instead of the expensive dummy guns

13)   Check with Tony Chelf to see if he will help instruct (find him at the Timberline Deli)




Women on Target shoot in Pueblo on April 30


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Buske, Secretary


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