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01.25.11 Gun Show Committee Meeting Minutes

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

Goals Committee Meeting Minutes

01/25/11 6:30 pm

Location:  Buske Residence


Meeting called to order at 6:05pm


Committee members present Bob Morss, Dave Coleman, Mike Ardoin, Jim Buske, Gayle Buske


Minutes:  This was the first meeting so there were no previous minutes.


Unfinished Business


This was the first meeting so there was no unfinished business.


New Business

1)      Decided to do one show per year now.  Maybe add the second one in the future.

2)      Decided that we do want Dick to co-organize the show for us this year.  Gayle will talk to Dick

3)      Decided to keep the dates of May 7, 8, 2011 with set up on May 6

4)      Decided NOT to have the show open on Friday night – Friday will be for set up ONLY

5)      Show hours this year:

a.       Friday set up Noon – 5:00

b.      Saturday 9am – 5pm

c.       Sunday 9am – 3pm

6)      Decided to give Ryan at the Best Western first choice if he wants to do the food.  Bob will talk to Ryan.  Requests:

a.       more mobile meals

b.      less messy meals

c.       Hotel discounts

d.      Radio spots

e.      Ryan needs to give us signs to put up saying that there is food and where it is (basically a banner above the serving area)

7)      The insurance that the club picks up in April WILL cover the gun show.  We just need to call them and ask to have the 4h center listed as an additional insured.

8)      Volunteer needs during the event

a.       Security:  4 people at all times (one at each door and on roving to relieve those at the doors for breaks)

b.      Security:  2 people overnight on Friday and Saturday nights to watch the hall

c.       1 person at the door fee collection table (1 shift in afternoon, another shift in the morning)

d.      1 person at the gun club table to sign up memberships (1 in the afternoon and one in the morning)

9)      The treasurer needs an escort to the bank to make night deposit of each day’s receipts

10)   2 people need to count the day’s receipts at the end of each day

11)   Need 200 more zip ties (Mike has 100 we can use)

12)   Flyer this year will not contain advertising.  Will be a simple 8.5x11 flyer like Montrose’s but on our signature green paper.  Black lettering – Gayle will design the flyer again

13)   Would like to put up a board to advertise local businesses.  They can provide us with up to an 8.5x11 advertisement and we will post on the board for free.  We need to ask those who are advertising if they would donate door prizes.

14)   We need to have the legal “posted notice” signs made this year.  Jim volunteered to make the stands.  Bob volunteered to check into pricing to have them made.

15)   Need door prizes in addition to the ones mentioned above.  Ask Cathy McElman to seek these out as she’s asking for WOT door prizes.

16)   Need volunteers to hang flyers in the towns listed below.  We will not be going as far south as we did last year.  Gun club will pay $40 per two people toward their lunch and $50 toward their gas.  Need to hit ALL hotels, convenience stores, pawn shops, gun shops, chambers of commerce, restaurants.  Towns are:

a.       Olathe, Delta, Junction (one team of two ppl)

b.      Ouray, Ridgway, Colona (one team of two ppl)

c.       Montrose – Dick will do

17)   We need a volunteer to call gun clubs up and down the western slope to ask if they will let their members know about our show and perhaps post a flyer

18)   Need to get flyers to the Montrose show

19)   Need to let the Friends of the NRA groups know about the show and ask if they can let their members know.  Gayle will handle this

20)   Visitors from last year, based on the door prize registrations looked as follows:

a.       Montrose                    79                           25.3%

b.      Ouray                            43                           13.8%

c.       Ridgway                       89                           28.5%

d.      Out of state                                30                           9.6%

e.      Telluride/Norwood 13                           4.1%

f.        Junction                       20                           6.4%

g.       Silverton                      7                              2.2%

h.      Other Colorado         31                           9.9%

21)   Estimated, preliminary budget for the gun show:

a.       Expenses

                                                                           i.      $50                 4H Hall deposit

                                                                         ii.      $200               Flyer printing

                                                                        iii.      $950               Dick’s estimated fee

                                                                       iv.      $480               4H Hall

                                                                         v.      $200               Posted Notice signs

                                                                       vi.      $200               flyer hanging

                                                                     vii.      $1,880           TOTAL

b.      Income

                                                                           i.      $1,890           Table fees

                                                                         ii.      $2,600           Door fees

                                                                      iii.      $4,490           TOTAL

c.       ESTIMATED NET        $2,610.00



There were no announcements.


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:25pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Buske, Secretary


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