Range Use for Non-Profit Groups Only

If you represent a non-profit group and would like to use The Chief Ouray Gun Club range, we welcome you and your group!  You may utilize the Chief Ouray Gun Club range under the following conditions:

  1. An NRA-certified Range Safety Officer (RSO) must be onsite during the entire event;
    1. Group must provide proof that their intended RSO is NRA-certified (by providing a copy of RSO's credentials to the Chief Ouray Gun Club Secretary for the gun club's files) PRIOR to carrying out any activities at the range; OR
    2. The group may rent an RSO from the Chief Ouray Gun Club at a cost of $75/RSO/day (the Gun Club pays this fee directly to the RSO).  Please contact the Chief Ouray Gun Club Secretary for assistance in securing an RSO through the Chief Ouray Gun Club.
  2. The general-use fees, to be paid to the Chief Ouray Gun Club, for non-profit groups/organizations are as follows:
    1. $50 per day use fee for the organization,
    2. Plus $2 per child and $5 per adult, whether shooting or observing.
  3. A Chief Ouray Gun Club officer, or other member designated by the Board, must be present to open the gate for the group and then to close the gate and secure the range when the event is complete. One-time-use groups are NOT issued the master gate code.  Contact the club secretary to coordinate.
  4. Group must make arrangements with the club Secretary to reserve the date for their shoot or other event.
  5. Group must have a maximum 1:10 shooter:instructor/parent/supervisor ratio (one instructor/parent/supervisor per 10 students/shooters).
  6. Each attendee (leaders, supervisors, RSOs, parents, shooters, etc.) must complete the One-Time Use Application PRIOR to the event.  The Club Secretary will send a single invoice to the group's leader for all fees to be incurred.  Individuals can ignore the fees information at the top of the One-Time Use Application page;
  7. Group's leader must complete the form below when applying for use of the range on behalf of the group.  

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