Range Use - One-Time Only

The Chief Ouray Gun Club welcomes one-time guests to our range!  Your instructor or host is required to make sure the Chief Ouray Gun Club receives a range-use fee of $10 per person per day and a waiver/registration from you (applies ONLY if you are not a dues-paying member of the Chief Ouray Gun Club). Each attendee must also meet the following conditions:

  1. Every attendee, whether chaperoning, spectating, or shooting, must complete the Chief Ouray Gun Club's one-time use application and waiver (found below).  Chaperones and non-shooting parents and spectators need not remit the range-use fee, however;
  2. All attendees MUST wear eye and ear protection at all times;
  3. Every participating (shooting) attendee must remit a $10 range-use fee to the Chief Ouray Gun Club prior to the event;
  4. If you are attending a training course at the Chief Ouray Gun Club's range, your instructor must first be a member of the Chief Ouray Gun Club (single-use is not sufficient for instructors);
  5. The Chief Ouray Gun Club requires that your instructor carry current instructor's liability insurance, naming the Chief Ouray Gun Club as an additional insured.  His or her insurance certificate must be on file with the club Secretary before the instructor will be permitted to utilize the range for classes or firearms instruction;
  6. Your instructor must provide a copy of his or her firearms instructor credentials to the Chief Ouray Gun Club Secretary prior to class;
  7. Your group must have a certified RSO (Range Safety Officer) onsite during the entire event.  If your group does not already have a certified Range Safety Officer, please contact the Club Secretary.  The Gun Club can "rent" an RSO to your group for the day or for multiple days.

Please contact the Club Secretary for more information or to set up as an instructor at the Chief Ouray Gun Club range.

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