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WOT Committee Meeting Minutes 07.13.11

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

WOT Committee Meeting Minutes

7/13/11 6:00 pm

Location:  Team Double-Click Office





Meeting called to order at 6:05pm


Committee members present Bob Morss, Mike Ardoin, Jim Buske, Gayle Buske, Dave Coleman, Bob Cole, Barbara Cole, Lisa Davitian


Minutes:  Minutes of the last meeting were approved with no changes.


Treasurer’s Report:  Opened the account on 7/7/11 with $6,530 ($35 from a registration and $6,495 from the grant).  Paid $700.06 to Lockton Risk for insurance, paid $64.59 to Survival4Chicks for reimbursement for flyers from Home Depot (we wrote a check to OD but they wouldn’t accept it because it was a starter check so Gayle paid it and we needed to reimburse her.  COGC check to OD was voided), paid $290 to Ouray County 4H Center for use of the hall.  Current balance is $5475.35.  Gayle presented three checks to Barbara for $35 each for additional registrations.


Unfinished Business


1)      Donations update:  since Gail Jossi and Cathy McElman are unable to continue on the committee due to other commitments, Lisa volunteered to take over in the donations department.  She will get started right away seeking donations for door prizes.

2)      4H center contract has been signed and returned on 7/8/11.

3)      Insurance ordered on 7/8/11


New Business

4)      Glenda Young can’t continue as our treasurer – she’s found herself over committed.  Barbara Cole is going to replace her…thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much Barbara!

5)      Barbara and Gayle didn’t order checks in order to save the money and opted instead for debit cards.

6)      Cathy Mcelman has been out taking care of a sick sibling.  We’ve asked Lisa Divitian to replace her on the committee.  THANK YOU, Lisa!

7)      The safe has arrived and is stashed in Craig Hinkson’s cave on Oak Street

8)      The ammunition has arrived and is in Buske’s guest suite.  We can leave it there for now.  It won’t all fit into the safe, plus the cave will be too humid and may ruin the ammo if we put it there.

9)      The shooters’ visors, volunteers’ caps, and volunteers’ safety vests have arrived and are at Buske’s house as well.

10)   The goodie bags, ear protection, and flyers for the shooters have also arrived from the NRA

11)   Eye protection is on the way from the NRA (free)

12)   Volunteer orientation is set for 8/6/11 at 10:00 at the range

13)   We now have 6 registrations (4 paid, 2 not yet paid)

14)   Need to get flyers out and women signed up

15)   Chose the following guns, which Gayle will purchase this week:  Remington 20 gauge, Bushmaster .223 carbine, Kel-Tec 9mm, Charter Arms .22 revolver.  Cabela’s pricing total for these guns was $2,200.  Gayle priced these at dealer pricing through Davidson’s West (one of Survival4Chicks suppliers) and found all four guns plus extra magazines for the .223 and 9mm for $2007.21.  The guns were ordered on 7/14/11 and will arrive on 7/15/11.

16)   Committee decided that rather than doing a pot luck lunch (everyone will already have too much to do) we will have lunch brought in by either Heidi’s Brooklyn Deli or True Grit.  Cost will be around $900.

17)   Jim is asking 4H Shooting Sports if they would like to sell soda, etc. at the 4H hall as a fundraiser for the group

18)   Set up for the shoot will be 8/26/11 starting at 10:00am.  We need to put up caution tape to funnel the women at the shooting range, set up chairs, tables, etc.

19)   Bob Morss will loan his .308 for the shoot.

20)   We need someone at the gate to turn away civilian traffic

21)   We need name tags – some in a different, very obvious color, to note those who do not want their photos used

22)   Need target sticks and cardboard.  The guys will start scrounging for them and get them ready.

23)   Need to purchase caution tape, a first aid kit, trash bags, stapler, staples, duct tape.

24)   Bob Morss will loan trash cans for the event




Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Buske, Secretary


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