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Regular Meeting Minutes 3/20/12 Part I

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

Amended Meeting Minutes – REGULAR Meeting

03.20.12 6:30 pm

Location:  Ouray Baptist Church, Ouray



Meeting called to order at 6:40pm


Regular club officers present Bob Morss, Dave Coleman, Gayle Buske, Sue Williamson, Bob Cole, Mike Fedel

Not present:  Mike Ardoin

General members present:  Stuart Middleton-White, John Tjossem, Phil Passopulo, Larry Coulter, Susan Maybach, Rob Polocz

Non members present:  None

Minutes:  Minutes from 2/21/12 were approved with no changes.

President’s report by Bob Morss

1.       Reminder that the field trip to view the possible site for the Monster Gun Extravaganza is Saturday at 9:45—meet at the park in Ridgway and caravan to the site.


2.       Our Treasurer, Sue Williamson, is moving to Kansas City and thus is resigning as COGC treasurer.  Gayle Buske moved that we appoint Barbara Cole as treasurer, but that she would need to keep a paper ledger rather than computer generated as she is unable to use the computer.  Motion carried.  Bob Morss moved that we allow Sue to take the old paperwork with her to input into QuickBooks and get it organized.  She will then put the information on a disc for Parker (for taxes) and ship everything back to us.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report by Sue Williamson – Current balance is $9,977.09.

Bills:      $119.36 to Avalanche Graphics for printing of new member cards and mailers to membership, $1,120 to Plaindealer for printing and insertion of the gun club flyer to pick up members and announce our events for the year.  All approved to pay unanimously

Income:               $495 for membership renewals, $486 from Survival4Chicks for the executives’ shoot on 2/29, $562 WOT registrations.

Treasurer’s report was accepted with no changes.

Reports of committees

Membership Committee Report (Bob, Dave, Gayle, Jim, Mike A)

The Membership Committee met March 13 to stuff mailers.  No other business was conducted.

Membership committee report was accepted.

Goals Committee Report  (Bob, Bob, Barbara, Gayle, Mike A, Jim, Mike F)

No meeting, no report

Women On Target Committee Report (Gayle B, Mike A, Bob C, Bob M, Jim B, Gail J, Lisa D, Barbara C, Dave C, John Y)

No meeting but the following has happened since the last meeting

1)      Products from the NRA have arrived;

2)      We now have 16 registrations

                Special Shoot Committee Report (Bob Morss, Bob Cole, Barbara Cole, Jim, Mike F, Mike A)

                No meeting/no report

Unfinished Business

1)      Kid’s shoot – John Tjossem

No update

2)      Parker and Aimee McAbery donating tax filing services for the gun club.  Voted to approve them doing our taxes.  Status:  not started – need information from Sue.

3)      Building on property – will attempt to remove when Bob is able to move the equipment to the range.

4)      Mike Fedel will try to get the range plan done after the range clean up on April 21

5)      Sign for gate – costs? – Has not been priced out yet


New Business

1)      Change date of elections (currently April 28) and range clean up so we can do a field trip to the dynamite shoot in Gateway?  Approved.  Annual meeting moved to April 21 in conjunction with the range clean up.  Also, this is NOT an election year.

2)      3 loads gravel for middle range?  Gayle moved that we purchase three loads of gravel (approx $140 per load) to cover behind the middle range and then some.  The mud hole up there is really bad.  Motion carried.  Bob will get the gravel up to the range before range clean up day.  Larry Coulter will bring his skid steer to level the gravel.

3)      Newspaper insert will go in next week’s papers:  Plaindealer, Planet, Press.  This is a one page, front and back, ad for the gun club, encouraging membership and announcing our fund-raising events for the year.  This mailer wipes out the club’s mailing, printing, and WOT advertising budgets for the year—as planned.

4)      New member Rob Polocz mentioned that the Montrose Gun Club has a youth program.  There is a waiting list of 50+ kids.  He sees opportunity for COGC to get kids (from Ouray AND Montrose counties) involved in the shooting sports here in Ouray County.  Rob and John Tjossem will work together to research the idea and present a brief proposal at the next meeting.

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