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Regular Meeting Minutes 11.19.12

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

Meeting Minutes – REGULAR Meeting

11.19.12 6:30 pm

Location:  Ouray Baptist Church, Ouray



Meeting called to order at 6:30pm


Regular club officers present Dave Coleman, Gayle Buske, Barbara Cole, Bob Cole, Bob Morss

Not present:  Mike Ardoin, Mike Fedel

General members present:  Jim Buske, John Tjossem

Non members present:  N/A

Minutes:  Minutes from 10.15.12 were approved with no changes.

President’s report by Bob Morss

1.       Should be getting the track hoe to the range shortly to begin demolition of the building

Treasurer’s report by Barbara Cole

Account balance:  $11,430

Bills:      Approved $180 to SMPA

Income:               $45 in memberships, $10 for range day use.  Making new balance $11,485.00

Treasurer’s report accepted.

Reports of committees

Membership Committee Report (Bob, Dave, Gayle, Jim, Mike A)

No meeting, no report

Goals Committee Report  (Bob, Bob, Barbara, Gayle, Mike A, Jim, Mike F)

No meeting, no report

Women On Target Committee Report (Gayle B, Mike A, Bob C, Bob M, Jim B, Barbara C, Dave C, John Y)

                No meeting, no report

                Special Shoot Committee Report (Bob Morss, Bob Cole, Barbara Cole, Jim, Mike F, Mike A)

                No meeting/no report

                Hunter’s Safety Committee Report (John Tjossem)

                Nothing to report

Unfinished Business

a.       Sheriff’s used range for qualifying two weeks ago.  Bob will talk to Dan Fossey about their usual payment of road base for the range.

New Business

a)      For membership committee:  should add teaching activities clause to membership waiver in light of Ron Avery situation

b)      Ken Orivis wishes to be invoiced each year for membership dues even though he is a lifetime member.

c)       Board recognizes a donation of 1 box of clays from John and Linda Moss

d)      Board voted to cancel the December meeting.  Next meeting will be January 21

e)      Barbara taking box of accounting to McAbery’s for taxes the first week of January

Pending to-do items

1)      Get rid of building.  $3000 approved in 2012 budget to accomplish

2)      Finish rifle station $1500 was approved at Sept 2011 meeting

a.       Handrail

b.      Cover for rifle station

3)      Revise SOPs

4)      Weeds - ongoing

5)      Post signs on each lane noting what the lane is approved for (i.e. pistol only on north range, etc.)

6)      New gate – add to master plan

7)      Mike Fedel will try to get the range plan done

8)      Sign for gate

9)      Web cams for range (x4):  gate, each range lane

10)   Parker and Aimee McAbery donating tax filing services for the gun club.  Voted to approve them doing our taxes.  Status:  McAbery doesn’t want the paperwork until January.  Barbara has it on her calendar to do at that time.

j.        Marty Flowers—4H kids use of range?  (Gayle)

a.       Liability waivers from parents;

b.      Clean up after use;

c.       Kids assist with range events (i.e. clean up days, WOT, shoots, etc.)

d.      Why expelled from Montrose range?

e.      Parents members of club?

f.        Student to instructor ratio;

g.       From Rod via email:  “You will have to ask them the only reason they gave us was safety somebody was shooting behind the line of fire witch was wrong never happened. The only thing we could figer out was we had more kids than they do. Marty can tell you the same thing. We were told by others gun club members that they are losing kids and we are growing. I will get the waivers signed before they shoot think you.”

h.      Gayle will sit down with Marty this winter to discuss all aspects and come up with a plan to present to the board.  Marty will be heading this up as opposed to Rod Hodge.

k.       Fundraisers:

i.         due to the difficulties and red tape involved, the idea of a raffle was voted scrapped. 

11)   We may have another option for a place to hold the Monster Gun Extravaganza.  Gayle will check on this later in November.

12)   Robert McGowan has about 1000 feet of drill pipe that he’d like to donate to the gun club.  Ideas included using it to build shooting benches, hand rails and target stands.  Robert will look at the range and come up with better ideas to be presented at the October meeting.  The club is grateful for his generous offer and donation.



Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 6:50pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Buske, Secretary

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