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Regular Meeting Minutes 04/17/12 Part III

Posted by Gayle Buske on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 Under: Minutes

Specifics for range clean up on April 21

a.       Time:  10:00 – 3:00

b.      Items we would like members/volunteers to bring:

                                                                           i.      Shovels

                                                                         ii.      Rakes

                                                                        iii.      Wheel barrow

                                                                       iv.      Trash bags

                                                                         v.      Skid steer (Larry Coulter)

                                                                       vi.      Clippers/nippers (for trimming tree branches/weeds)

                                                                      vii.      Weed whackers

                                                                    viii.      Scythes

                                                                       ix.      Dish to pass:  specifically desserts and/or salads

                                                                         x.      Your own drinks

                                                                       xi.      Picks

c.       Gun club will provide:

                                                                           i.      Work J

                                                                         ii.      Grilled brats

                                                                        iii.      Water

                                                                       iv.      Condiments

                                                                         v.      Paper products

                                                                       vi.      Grill/charcoal/starter

d.      To Do list for range clean up day:

                                                                           i.      Spread gravel

                                                                         ii.      Put up more tape flags on the poles by the road

                                                                        iii.      Clean porta potty

                                                                       iv.      Measure range for master plan (Mike Fedel)

                                                                         v.      Whack down weeds

                                                                       vi.      Brass and shot shell pick up

                                                                      vii.      Clean trap house

                                                                    viii.      Trim trees along range driveway

                                                                       ix.      Spray weeds

                                                                         x.      Use picks to remove large weed clumps


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 7:28pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Buske, Secretary

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