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Regular Meeting Minutes 02.18.13 Part II

Posted by Gayle Buske on Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Under: Minutes


Memberships                    $5220

Current balance                                $9086.79

TOTAL                                   $14,306.79


Income/balance minus expenses = $7176.79 for 2013

a.       Date conflict for Annual Meeting.  April 27 is also Mudfest.  Annual meeting moved to April 20.  Will also be a BBQ/Open House/Range Clean up.

b.      There was a question as to when the next Board elections were to be held.  Bylaws state that elections are held every three years.  Our last election was in April of 2011, making the next Board elections in April of 2014.

New Business

a)      Announcement:  Visual Impact hearing Feb 26 at 7:00 at 4H Center if you can attend, please do.

b)      Need to focus on membership and other fund raisers this year.

c)       Tony Schmidt, Nick Peck, Kyle Benke would like to get skeet/trap league going at the range.  Approved unanimously.  Tony added to “Special Shoot Committee” to accomplish.

d)      Jim Buske would like to check into doing an Appleseed shoot.  Approved.

e)      Board voted that Craig McCraiger’s membership renewal will not be accepted due to various acts of misconduct at the range, etc.

f)       New gate code chosen and will be implemented April 1.

g)      Barbara researching into 501(c)3 status for club again.  Will check Parker first.

Pending to-do items

1)      Get rid of building.  $3000 approved in 2012 budget to accomplish

2)      Finish rifle station $1500 was approved at Sept 2011 meeting

a.       Handrail

b.      Cover for rifle station

3)      Revise SOPs

4)      Weeds - ongoing

5)      Post signs on each lane noting what the lane is approved for (i.e. pistol only on north range, etc.)

6)      New gate – add to master plan

7)      Mike Fedel will try to get the range plan done

8)      Sign for gate

9)      Web cams for range (x4):  gate, each range lane

10)   Marty Flowers—4H kids use of range?  (Gayle)

a.       Liability waivers from parents;

b.      Clean up after use;

c.       Kids assist with range events (i.e. clean up days, WOT, shoots, etc.)

d.      Why expelled from Montrose range?

e.      Parents members of club?

f.        Student to instructor ratio;

g.       Gayle will sit down with Marty this winter to discuss all aspects and come up with a plan to present to the board.  Marty will be heading this up as opposed to Rod Hodge.

11)   Fundraisers

12)   We may have another option for a place to hold the Monster Gun Extravaganza.  Gayle will check on this later in November.

13)   Robert McGowan has about 1000 feet of drill pipe that he’d like to donate to the gun club.  This needs to be allocated


a)      Annual Meeting/BBQ/Open House/Range Clean up is April 20 at the range

b)      Concealed Handgun Class February 23 or March 9, See Gayle Buske

Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 7:46 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Buske, Secretary

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