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Minutes from 6/21/21 Regular meeting of the COGC

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

Meeting Minutes – REGULAR Meeting

06/21/11 6:30 pm

Location:  St. John’s Episcopal Church, Ouray



Meeting called to order at 7:00pm


Regular club officers present Bob Morss, Dave Coleman, Gayle Buske, Bob Cole, Sue Williamson, Mike Ardoin


Not present:  Mike Fedel


General members present:  Jim Buske, Barbara Cole, Colleen Hollenbeck, Stuart Middleton-White


Non members present:  None


Minutes:  Minutes from 5/17/11 were approved with no changes.


President’s report by Bob Morss – Range clean up day went VERY well.  A lot was accomplished and the range looks great.  The food was great too.


Bob ran into Stephan Seth a week or so ago at the Ridgway hardware store.  Stephan told Bob that two or three years ago he’d run into MacCraiger and wanted to join the gun club.  Since it was half way through the year, MacCraiger offered to prorate the dues for him.  He charged Stephan $49 in cash (his prorated charge).  This was when the dues were only $35 for the year.  After hearing this, the club voted to offer Stephan the remainder of this year’s membership free as an apology for the rip off he received 2-3 years ago.  Bob will speak with him and get the waiver signed.


Treasurer’s report by Sue Williamson – Current balance is $3,637.82.  There were no bills to report. 


Bills:  None.


Income:  There was income since the last meeting (see attached itemization).  Sue is still trying to sort out the treasurer’s information that was given to her from the previous treasurer.


Treasurer’s report was accepted with no corrections.


Reports of committees


2011 Gun Show Committee Report


The Gun Show Committee has not met so there was nothing to report.


Membership Committee Report


The Membership Committee has not met so there was nothing to report.  Dave noted that next year we need to send two letters to members.  1) for just dues (since these folks have already signed waivers), and 2) one with a letter and the waiver form (to try to catch the lapsed memberships).


Goals Committee Report


The Goals Committee has not met so there was nothing to report.


Women On Target Committee Report


                The shoot was cancelled a couple weeks back (see notes from special board meeting on May 31, 2011).  At the WOT committee meeting (where all board members were present) it was voted to reinstate the shoot and accept the grant funds from the NRA.  Previous matters had been resolved.  Dave noted that he was certain that MacCraiger had likely caused the problems we had, which caused us to cancel the shoot previously.


The hats for the volunteers, safety vests for the volunteers, visors for the shooters, ear protection, shoot n’ see targets, goodie bags, and flyers have arrived.  They are in Buske’s garage.  The safe and maybe some other items are due to arrive on 6/22/11 at the Biota building.


We need to borrow 5 awnings and 10 tables for the shoot.


WOT report was accepted


                Trap Shoot Committee Report


There has been no trap shoot committee meeting so there was no report.


Unfinished Business


1)      Reapproval of WOT shoot/grant.  This was an error on the agenda.  It had been taken care of already.

2)      Update on building at range.  Voted NOT to bury the building due to possible problems down the road.  The only real solution is to demo it and haul it off.  This will be pending the funds to do so.

3)      Insurance needs to be purchased.  This is pending arrival of the WOT grant funds as this was in the grant budget.

4)      E&O insurance needs to be investigated.  Gayle has not had time to investigate.

5)      Bylaws revisions from Goals Committee.  This was tabled until winter.

6)      Gravel from Sheriff’s department?  Mike Fedel.  Need an update.


New Business


a.       4th of July parade – women open carrying?  Decided not to carry guns for the parade.  Need more women though.  Decided would be okay to have men walk the parade too, wearing the safety vests.

b.      Montrose Friends of the NRA Banquet update.  Three seats left at the Ouray table for the BQ

c.       Woodchips from Brett Huet.  This was an error on the agenda.  We had already voted not to accept these due to safety concerns.

d.      SOPs changes?  Referred to Goals Committee to be handled over winter.




1)      Gun show October 1 and 2

2)      Friends of the NRA banquet in Montrose is August 20

3)      Women On Target shoot for Ouray is August 27

4)      Next gun club meeting is July 19, 2011


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 7:45pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Buske, Secretary


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