Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from 9/21/10 Special Meeting of the COGC

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

Meeting Minutes

09/21/10 6:30 pm

Location:  Silver Nugget Café

Special Meeting – Gun Show


Regular club officers (Craig MacCraiger, Bob Morss, Ira Knutson, Rod Hodge, Michael Ardoin, Gayle Buske, Dave Coleman) were present.


General members present:  Aaron Knutson, Lawrence (?), Harry Franklin


Minutes:  Rod Hodge made a motion to suspend reading of the minutes of the meeting prior as there were no minutes kept.  Michael Ardoin 2nd.  Motion carried unanimously.


Treasurer’s report by Craig MacCraiger – “we still have money”.  Rod Hodge moved to suspend treasurer’s report.  The motion was dropped.


Bills:  Bill for $127.03 from Survival4Chicks for membership flyers was presented.  Additionally a bill for $90 from Madison Buske for making phone calls for the club.  Rod Hodge moved to pay the bills.  Bob Morss seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.


Reports of committees


Gun Show Committee Report and discussion


Hodge stated that security is lined up for the show.  He and Jim Buske will sleep at the hall overnights to guard vendors’ tables.  Bob can also be there if needed.


Show is in the hole by nearly $1,000.


Bob is making a large 4x10 sign to hang at the hall as well as smaller “tent” type signs to put up along the highways.


Michael Ardoin is going to deliver flyers to the advertisers’ businesses for handout.


Craig is working on the insurance.  Has been paid for, waiting for certificate.


Ryan Hein is supposed to be working on his insurance for food as well.


Craig is working with Susan Long at the hall to get our contract finalized.


Staffing schedule:  we have a few people to help guard doors, etc. but more are needed.


Gayle Buske met with Dick Frantz earlier in the day.  The items brought back from Dick:


1)      Does not recommend Nickel Ad

2)      Of the registrations, 53 are gun dealers

3)      Receipt of $1,105 for gun club – Dick’s 20% has NOT been taken out – funds given to treasurer

4)      Need change for gun show:  $100 in 5’s, $100 in 10’s, $40 in 1’s – Craig will take care of this

5)      Taping doors is okay with him as long as okay with 4H center

6)      Dick will get zip ties and sell them back to us

7)      Need gun show rules flyer printed (see sample) – one for each vendor – should print about 100 – Gayle will get this done

8)      Need CBI Background check receipt printed (see sample) – should print about 1000 – cost = $100 – Gayle will get this done

9)      Need carbon paper to give to vendors to use for CBI background check receipt (needs to be in duplicate). – Gayle will get this done.

10)   Recommends spring show instead of fall show for next year – 20% higher attendance

11)   Dick bringing firearms signs (gun show law – required) – we need to provide stands

12)   Dick, his wife, & two friends will be manning front door.  Their duties:  take door cash, check guns, review exiting CBI forms, stamp hands.

13)   Gayle will man COGC table:  sign up new gun club members, background checks

14)   Need to find 10 more 8’ tables – Rod will take care of this.


Unfinished Business


1.       Club NRA membership renewal is due.  Treasurer stated that this has been taken care of

2.       Membership process – Gayle Buske motioned to table this until a future meeting.  Knutson seconded.  Motion carried

3.       Look at updated membership list as updated from calls – membership list was reviewed by all

4.       Need S4C’s $50 for ad – paid at meeting

5.       Need Morss $50 for ad – paid at meeting

6.       Need Columbus hotel’s $50 for ad – paid at meeting


New Business

1.       Monthly meetings – date/time – recommend 1st or 3rd Tuesday of month at 6:30

2.       Ben Lockard – indoor range at Biota plant?

3.       Membership drive

4.       Club goals

5.       Weeds at range

6.       Civilian Marksmanship Program membership (to renew or not to renew)

7.       Ridgway Chamber of Commerce membership – to join or not to join

8.       Bob Morss moved to table the above 7 items until after the gun show.  Gayle Buske seconded.  Motion carried

9.       Ouray Chamber of Commerce dues are due.  After some discussion, Rod Hodge moved to pay that bill.  Morss seconded.  Motion carried.

10.   Café Press.  Gayle set up a site to sell Gun Club gear.  Can be found at  Gear including shirts, hats, mugs, bags, etc. is all set up.  Customers order online and pay Café Press.  COGC receives a commission on each item sold.  We do not have to inventory the items and we do not have to ship.




There were no new announcements


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.






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