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Meeting minutes from 5/17/11 regular meeting of the COGC

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

Meeting Minutes – REGULAR Meeting

05/17/11 6:30 pm

Location:  St. John’s Episcopal Church, Ouray



Meeting called to order at 7:00pm


Regular club officers present Bob Morss, Dave Coleman, Gayle Buske, Bob Cole, Sue Williamson


Not present:  Mike Ardoin, Mike Fedel


General members present:  Jim Buske, Craig MacCraiger, Barbara Cole, Colleen Hollenbeck, Stuart Middleton-White


Non members present:  None


Minutes:  Minutes from 1/17/11, 3/15/11, and 4/30/11 were approved with no changes.


President’s report by Bob Morss – Bob picked up bacon and chickens (frozen) from Ira.  These were to have been for a shoot but it looks as though Ira doesn’t want to do these anymore so he wanted to get rid of the stuff associated.  Bob dispersed the chickens and bacon between Buske’s and Johnson’s houses.  Bob also suggested that we do a bbq in association with the range clean up to get rid of the meats.


Bob made note that he had escorted Sue in to pick up the treasurers’ things from MacCraiger.  He also noted that he discussed with Craig the refund to Lawrence.  Background:  at the annual meeting Lawrence Carlock asked for a refund of his dues as he wanted to quit the club.  The officers immediately agreed to refund the money and wrote a check which was immediately given to Craig to give to Lawrence.  When Bob and Sue went to pick up the treasurer’s items, Bob asked Craig about it.  Craig then said that he had taken cash from Lawrence and had never deposited it into the account so he would give Lawrence $45 back in cash.  The check for $45 was then voided.


Treasurer’s report by Sue Williamson – Current balance is $6,136.36 with a pending deposit of $223.02, bringing total balance to $6,359.38.  There were no bills to report. 


Sue also reported that she had received the treasurer’s things from MacCraiger.


Bills:  Gayle Buske submitted a bill for $44 for stamps.  Motion to pay passed.


Income:  There was income since the last meeting (see above) but Sue is still trying to sort out the treasurer’s information so the income was not broken down.


Reports of committees


2011 Gun Show Committee Report


The Gun Show Committee has not met so there was nothing to report.


Membership Committee Report


The Membership Committee has not met so there was nothing to report.


Goals Committee Report


The Goals Committee has not met so there was nothing to report.


Women On Target Committee Report


                Gayle reported that there was a rumor around town that the gun club was going to go bankrupt because of the Women On Target shoot.  Craig MacCraiger also produced a litter, written by him, outlining similar accusations (letter is filed in secretary’s notes in conjunction with this meeting).  Gayle reported that she has spoken to:  the Montrose Friends of the NRA heads, the Colorado State Field Rep for the NRA, said field rep’s boss, the NRA Grants allocations center at NRA HQ in VA, the Women on Target head at NRA HQ in VA, and the NRA distribution center at NRA HQ in VA.  All have stated (verbally) that there is no problem with our proposed changes.  A detailed revised grant budget has also been submitted to the Montrose Friends of the NRA, the Colorado State Field Rep, and her boss.  All that needs to be done is to let them know of the proposed changes to proceed.  This has been done and we are awaiting written okay to make the changes to the original budget.


MacCraiger stated that the budget in any form had not been approved by the board.  Several members disagreed.  Buske did not have her secretary’s binder with previous minutes along to verify.  Bob moved to approve the budget the motion carried.


                Trap Shoot Committee Report


Bob, Bob, and Ira met to discuss a shoot.  Ira didn’t call about possible range dates so the whole thing fizzled.  Bob Morss will resurrect the shoot committee since Ira no longer wants to do this (as previously noted).


Unfinished Business


1)      Range building.  Cannot be burned per the state.  The only thing left to do is chlorinate it, water it down, and dismantle/demolish it and haul it off.  Jim Buske noted that Ken Orvis had offered his time and equipment for any work (including building demolition).  Dave Ficco asked if he could take the tin from the building for a project.  Bob called enough officers to come up with a quorum to approve.  This was approved so Ficco will take the tin, saving the club some money and/or time in demolition.

2)      Insurance.  Waiting on WOT money to purchase insurance.

3)      E&O insurance.  It was recommended several meetings back by Bud Zanett that we obtain E&O insurance for the officers.  Gayle has not had a chance to check on the cost yet.

4)      ByLaws revisions.  Several suggested changes to the bylaws have been made.  The item was referred to the goals committee for rework.

5)      Adoption of Robert’s Rules of Order.  It was mentioned a few meetings back that the club had never adopted Robert’s Rules of Order.  Colleen moved to adopt, Dave seconded.  After discussion, the issue was tabled.


New Business


1)      Woodchips from Brett Huet.  Brett Huet offered woodchips to the range.  From an RSO’s standpoint Bob Cole pointed out that it would be a bad idea because brass can fall down between the chips and may start a fire if the brass is hot.  Another bad point was that the chips are loose and it’s easy for someone to turn their ankle, thus falling and losing control of their gun.  After discussion, motion to deny the woodchips passed.

2)      Recognized donations from the following people:

a.       Ken Orivs ($90)

b.      ohn and Linda Moss ($80)

c.       Bumper Williams ($155)

3)      Recognized the following new RSOs, who belong to the COGC

a.       Bob Morss

b.      John Young

c.       Sue Williamson

d.      Dave Ficco

e.      Patrick Rondinelli

f.        Bob Cole

g.       Ken Garard

h.      Mike Ardoin

i.         Dave Coleman

j.        Todd Jones

k.       Steve Albritton

4)      Membership kits.  Ira turned his in already – it went to Mike Fedel.  Still need Rod Hodge’s, which should go to Sue.

5)      SOPs revisions.  It was suggested that the SOPs be revised.  The matter was tabled.

6)      Sue noted that MacCraiger told her that he had $135 of gun club money in cash.  When the matter was addressed, MacCraiger stated that he’d “kept back a little slush fund when he turned in the treasurer’s items”.  He further stated that he had intended to use a portion of it for the dismantling and reassembly of Pete Morss memorial gun.  The board noted that they thought this was to have been free.  MacCraiger stated that he had taken the gun to Richard Zortman to disassemble, but “Zortman thought it was too complicated” so now the jeweler is going to take it to someone (don’t know who) to disassemble so the jeweler can engrave it.  Craig confirmed that the engraving is still free.  Unfortunately the withholding of the “slush fund” nor the charge for disassembly and reassembly was never approved.

7)      Bob would like the gun to be a part of the club’s collection of guns.

8)      Gayle mentioned that the Junior had called and asked permission to use the range for an active shooters class with the Montrose, Delta, Ridgway, Ouray PDs and Sheriff’s offices at range 5/19 and 5/20.  He is getting gravel from the county for the gun range as per earlier agreements made between the SO and COGC.

9)      It was moved and passed that we hold a bbq in conjunction with the June 4 range clean up.  Will make it a pot luck, with the club providing the meat.  Will be an open house, inviting anyone interested in the gun club.  The non club members will not be asked to help clean up.




6)      Todd Jones working on Facebook and Twitter – thanks!

7)      Gun show October 1 and 2

8)      Gun club PO Box 1402 – effective 03/09/11

9)      Friends of the NRA banquet in Montrose is August 20

10)   Women On Target shoot for Ouray is August 27


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Buske, Secretary

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