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COGC Regular Meeting Minutes 11/15/11 Part II

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Women On Target Committee Report (Gayle B, Mike A, Bob C, Bob M, Jim B, Gail J, Lisa D, Barbara C, Dave C, John Y)


WOT Committee has not met so there is no report.


                Special Shoot Committee Report (Bob Morss, Bob Cole, Barbara Cole, Jim, Mike F, Mike A)


                Special shoot committee met on 11/4/11.  Report is below.


1)      New Business

a.       Sharp Shot

                                                                                                   i.      When

                                                                                                 ii.      What will it look like

                                                                                                iii.      Entry fees

                                                                                               iv.      Max number of shooters

                                                                                                 v.      Volunteers to build targets


After much discussion, the issue of a competition shoot in the style of History Channel’s Top Shot was tabled.  Problems arose over where to park cars, whether or not an event such as this would e profitable, and the general logistics of putting on such a shoot.


Ideas for other shoots were also floated and need to be revisited:


a.       Family shoot

b.      Couple’s shoot

c.       Father/son shoot

d.      Mother/daughter shoot


General idea being that these would b in the style of WOT and not a competition


2)      Upcoming gun club events were also discussed with regards to which ones we want to do and what events will be regulars for the club.  We have the Women On Target, Gun Show, and are considering competition shoots.  We need to decide as a club how many events we can feasibly do each year and choose which those will be.


Special shoot committee report was accepted


Unfinished Business


b)      Update on building at range – will be taken down between March and April


New Business


1.       Fire at the range – Bob Cole reported on there having been a fire at the range.  Someone pulled down a section of the building and burned it, leaving rubble, nails and screws in the turnaround area.  After he and Mike A cleaned up, Bob confronted MacCraiger and asked if it had been him who burned.  MacCraiger admitted to doing this, knowing that we have been told that we cannot burn the building and further, leaving a mess as such on the range is unacceptable.  Bob Cole and Bob Morss will file a report with the Ouray County Sheriff’s office as well as ask Sheriff Mattivi to speak with MacCraiger about this incident.  Due to potential liability to the gun club, we must address this and get it on file that it has been addressed.

2.       Plaindealer coverage – We have the lower right section of the opinion pages in the Dec 29 issue.  Also, I talked to Jessie Marlatt over the weekend – she said that anytime we need something covered for the gun club to give her a call.  She is MORE than happy to cover us and get us in the paper.

3.       Instructor’s insurance presented by Gayle for Survival4Chicks as per club rules.  Filed in secretary’s notes as record.


Pending to-do items


1)      Finish rifle station (when we can) $1500 was approved at Sept 2011 meeting

2)      Revise SOPs

3)      Revise bylaws (winter)

4)      Ask Robert Burns to change our addresses with the state to PO Box 1402 and 21758 Hwy 550 (when he can)

5)      Post lane rules on each lane at range (when we can)

6)      Weeds - ongoing

7)      Post signs on each lane noting what the lane is approved for (i.e. pistol only on north range, etc.)

8)      Put ribbon around post by road or put up a flag on same post

9)      Get longer chain for gate

10)   New gate – add to master plan

11)   Fix roof on trap house – add to master plan



1)      No announcements


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Buske, Secretary

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