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COGC Regular Meeting Minutes 11/15/11

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

Meeting Minutes – REGULAR Meeting

11/15/11 6:30 pm

Location:  St. John’s Episcopal Church, Ouray



Meeting called to order at 6:35pm


Regular club officers present Bob Morss, Dave Coleman, Gayle Buske, Bob Cole, Mike Ardoin, Sue Williamson


Not present:  Mike Fedel


General members present:  Jim Buske, Barbara Cole, Stuart Middleton-White, Phil Passopulo, Susie Mayfield, Ric Lane


Non members present:  None


Minutes:  Minutes from 10/18/11 were approved with no changes.


President’s report by Bob Morss – nothing to report


Treasurer’s report by Sue Williamson – Current balance is $10,541.80. 


Bills:      $150 to SMPA (approved unanimously)


Income:               $30 from Gayle for range fees for recent class

                                $45 for new membership from Chuck Anderson


Balance after these expenses/deposits will be approximately $9,510.53


Treasurer’s report was accepted with no changes.


Reports of committees


Gun Show Committee Report (Gayle, Bob, Mike A, Jim, Dave)


a.       Further discussed whether or not to do a gun show again next year.  Following points were made:

a)A lot of work for just $1000 in income.  If Dick hadn’t given us a break on door fees, our income would have been about $600

b)                        Gun Show attendance all over the area is way down.  Montrose and Junction shows were both ghost towns

c) Dealers are unhappy because attendance is not good

d)                        We could spend more money on advertising but it is a gamble.  If we still don’t get more vendors and more attendees, we could go in the hole for the gun show

e)                        Hard to get free coverage from the papers because gun shows are not unique

f) Hard to find enough volunteers – especially to get enough flyers hung

b.      Moved and passed that we table this issue for now.


Gun show report was accepted



Membership Committee Report (Bob, Dave, Gayle, Jim, Mike A)


The Membership Committee has not met so there was nothing to report.

Dave noted though that we need to do three types of letters for our mailing in March

1)      Thank you and reminder to current members

2)      Accomplishments and please reup to those who lapsed this year

3)      Accomplishments and please reup to old membership lists


Also moved and passed that we do a mailing to the entire county this spring, in an attempt to get more members.  Also noted that we need to have the entire year’s event dates planned so they can be included in the mailings.


Goals Committee Report  (Bob, Bob, Barbara, Gayle, Mike A, Jim, Mike F)


Goals Committee met on 11/4/11.  Report is below:


a.       Club non-profit 501(c)3 filing – update – putting off until later in the winter.  Bob Morss checking with Robert Burns to see if he will do this for us.

b.      Correction of club address from 21438 to 21758 Hwy 550 – Bob Morss is talking with Robert Burns on this as well

c.       Get rid of building – update – Morss will get track hoe up there this winter (March/May depending on weather) and begin demolishing the building.  Estimated cost $700 per dumpster and will need 3-4 dumpsters

d.      Bylaws redo – directors/officers and purpose statement – putting off until January.

                                                               i.      Add who holds guns

                                                             ii.      Add who has safe combo

                                                            iii.      Add who holds key for mailbox

e.      SOPs changes? – put off until January

                                                               i.      Muzzle down?

f.        Sign in box at range – voted not to do this

g.       E&O insurance – voted not to do this

h.      Spent brass receptacle at range – locking – voted not to do this

i.         Mike Fedel to create master plan for range

j.        Gun show – to do again or not – put to regular meeting


Goals committee report was accepted


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