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COGC Regular Meeting Minutes 08/16/11

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Chief Ouray Gun Club

Meeting Minutes – REGULAR Meeting

08/16/11 6:30 pm

Location:  old Biota Building, Ouray



Meeting called to order at 6:35pm


Regular club officers present Bob Morss, Dave Coleman, Gayle Buske, Bob Cole, Mike Ardoin,


Not present:  Mike Fedel, Sue Williamson


General members present:  Jim Buske, Barbara Cole, Stuart Middleton-White, Lisa Davitian, Rachel Davitian, Madison Buske, John Holderman, Ann Holderman


Non members present:  Phil Passopulo


Minutes:  Minutes from 7/19/11 were approved with no changes.


President’s report by Bob Morss – gravel is at the range and will be spread this Saturday


Treasurer’s report by Sue Williamson submitted by proxy – Current balance is $3,997.82. 


Bills:  $143.00 from Gayle Buske for stamps for the gun show mailer.  $113.93 for printing of the gun show flyers.  Payment of the same approved.


Income:  $180 in memberships since last meeting.


Treasurer’s report was accepted with no corrections.


Reports of committees


2011 Gun Show Committee Report


·         Had to get flyers ordered so Dick Frantz could get them into the mail to the dealers.

·         Due to misinformation from Lockton Risk, we do in fact have to buy separate insurance for the show.

·         A couple more volunteers are needed for Saturday and Sunday of the gun show


Membership Committee Report


The Membership Committee has not met so there was nothing to report.


Goals Committee Report


The Goals Committee has not met so there was nothing to report.


Women On Target Committee Report

1)      All guns are in

2)      All ammo is in

3)      All NRA goodies are in

4)      43 women registered so far

5)      We’re all set on volunteers

6)      Purchasing the last few needed items this week

7)      Going ahead with purchase of EZ up canopies and tables for the event


WOT report was accepted


                Trap Shoot Committee Report


There has been no trap shoot committee meeting so there was no report.


Unfinished Business


a.       Update on building at range – there is no update

b.      Insurance is in and certificates of additional insured for 4H center for WOT are in

c.       Gun show insurance news/idiot at Lockton

d.      Montrose Friends of the NRA Banquet update


New Business


1)      Gun club inventory

2)      From the Cortez gun club:  “How would you feel about an information exchange between our clubs.  We have one with Durango - I send them our newlsetter and they send theirs so I can include important things in ours.  I think it would help both clubs.  Of course, i would have to get it approved by the executive committee, but I think with the involvement of women in your club, it might help bring more into ours.  Right now there are 2 of us involved - me and a junior shooter. Jerri”  Communications between clubs approved.

3)      Pending to-do items

a.       Sign in box at range (when we can)

b.      Finish rifle station (when we can)

c.       501(c)3 filing (winter)

d.      SOP revisions (winter)

                                                               i.      Muzzle down

e.      Revise bylaws (winter)

f.        Ask Robert Burns to change our addresses with the state to PO Box 1402 and 21758 Hwy 550 (when he can)

g.       E&O insurance (winter)

h.      Post lane rules on each lane at range (when we can)


1)      Gun show October 1 and 2

2)      Friends of the NRA banquet in Montrose is August 20

3)      Women On Target shoot for Ouray is August 27

4)      Range clean up August 20 at 10:00 at range.  Bring sickles and weed whackers


Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned at 7:20pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Gayle Buske, Secretary


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