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06.17.13 Regular Meeting Minutes Part II

Posted by Gayle Buske on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 Under: Minutes

1.       Grading the lower driveway?  Crushed gravel for lower driveway?  Robert McGowan offered to do the grading.

2.       $105 donation from Bumper and Christen Williams recognized

3.       Montrose 4H - good for now.  Using San Juan range for archery, muzzle, .22.  Using private residence for shot.  Difficult because of mixed locations.  Will mention the offer to come to COGC to the rest of the group and will consider for next year as well.  Contact for records:  Abby Power 249.6575

4.       Ouray 4H - Rod Hodge meeting from June 9.  Used range last year for 4H without permission.  Hodge failed to show up at the meeting to discuss terms so the ball is in his court and he needs to come to a club meeting to set up, renew membership.

5.       Ron Avery rejoined club.  Denies having used the range for instruction.  If he does in the future, he is aware that he needs to have his insurance, credentials on file with the COGC and that he needs to collect a range fee for non members, just like other instructors do.  Gayle Buske and Bob Cole spoke with him about this.

6.       Proposed new application form (below).  Waiting on Burns but in interim, wanted something a little better.  Voted to go with this in the interim.

7.       Range destruction report of last week was unfounded.  Appears to be normal use and normal wear and tear.  Many thanks for keeping an eye on the range though!!

8.       Barbara Cole approved to buy more stamps for the club.

9.       Two months ago we voted to alternate meeting locations between Ouray Baptist and Ridgway Community Churches.  June 2013 was first meeting at Ridgway Community and something went haywire and the church was not opened for us.  We met on the steps outside.  Voted to move monthly meetings to the range for the summer months and then determine where we will meet for winter months.  Come on out for the meetings on the third Monday evening of each month at 6:30 and bring a chair!

10.   Need to set a date to clean up smaller stuff where the building was as well as knock down weeds.

Pending to-do items

1)      Finish rifle station $1500 was approved at Sept 2011 meeting

a.       Handrail - Robert McGowan will get to work on this.

b.      Cover for rifle station

2)      Revise SOPs

3)      Weeds - ongoing

4)      Post signs on each lane noting what the lane is approved for (i.e. pistol only on north range, etc.)

5)      New gate – add to master plan

6)      Mike Fedel will try to get the range plan done

7)      Sign for gate

8)      Fundraisers

Announcements/Upcoming Club Activities

RSVP to Gayle

1.       Women's night at the range:  July 1 at 6:30

2.       Home Defense Class:  July 13 in Ridgway at 9:00am (pre-registration required)

3.       July meeting:  COGC Range July15

4.       Fun shoot:  July 21 at noon

5.       Women's night at the range:  August 5 at 6:30

6.       Personal Defense Outside the Home in Ridgway August 17 at 9:00am (pre-registration required)

7.       Fun shoot:  August 18 at noon

8.       August meeting:  COGC Range August 19

9.       Concealed Handgun Class:  August 24 in Ridgway at 9:00am (pre-registration required)

10.   Women's night at the range:  September 2 at 6:30

11.   Learn to Shoot Pistol:  September 14 in Ridgway at 9:00am (pre-registration required)

12.   Fun shoot:  September 15 at noon

13.   September meeting:  COGC Range September 16

14.   Women's night at the range:  October 7 at 6:30

15.   Fun shoot:  October 20 at noon

16.   October meeting:  COGC Range October 21

17.   Women's night at the range:  November 4 at 6:30

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