Fire Danger Protocol and Range Closure Notices

Current Range Status:  OPEN (updated July 17, 2018)

Current Ouray County Fire Restrictions:  All fire restrictions have been lifted (updated August 31, 2018)

In 2012 the Chief Ouray Gun Club board implemented additional safety precautions to ensure that our range and it's members are not responsible for the ignition of a wildfire.

In the event of HIGH fire danger, the following special fire prevention measures and rules will apply at the Chief Ouray Gun Club Range:

1.       As per County and State fire ban resolutions, there should be absolutely NO burning done at the range during a period of high fire danger;

2.       No Tannerite or other explosive targets will be used at the range until fire hazard conditions improve countywide;

3.       Think about your target.  Large calibers and tracer rounds should not be shot into dry targets, like the dry weeds found around the range or hay bales, which could  ignite;

4.       Please use common sense and help prevent a wildfire from starting at our range!

The Board of Directors may opt to close the range to all shooting activities in the event of very high fire danger, until said danger passes.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation!

For current fire risk, please visit the Colorado Emergency Management's Fire Danger page by clicking here.


Chief Ouray Gun Club RANGE RE-OPENED EFFECTIVE JULY 17, 2018:

Delivered to members via email:

Thank God the rains have arrived, huh?  As such, the officers have decided that the range can be reopened. tracer rounds or exploding targets.  We are still under Stage 1 Fire Restrictions (find out more here:

Thanks so much for your support of our decision to close the range during the recent high-fire risk period.  All but one or two members, that is.  Believe it or not, some genius thought it was a cool idea to go up to the range and graffiti the "range closed" signs with foul language, which I can't repeat here.  If you happen to know who this was, we'd appreciate the info and will make sure you remain anonymous.  All but one or two bad apples realized how stupid it would have been to start a fire up at the range, like that which happened in Basalt.  After all, they could have been held liable for hundreds of thousands of dollers in fire damage, and burned out the entire Ouray/Ridgway Valley in a matter of a few hours.  What a reputation that would give them!  Had these local genius(es?) have thought of that, they might not have felt the urge to write profanity on all of the range-closure signs - how childish.  Some people... 

BTW:  I have pictures of the defaced signage coming.  As soon as I have them in hand, I'll message again so you can see them and maybe help spread the word. I'll also be posting the same photos on social media, in hopes of finding the guilty party(ies).

I know a lot of you are eager for a range clean-up day.  I promise to get one organized before the summer is out.  As most of you know, since we do live here year 'round, we have to work our tails off during summer, when we can make money so we can stay here all year and not starve over winter.  Right now, most of the officers have been running their businesses and making hay while the sun shines and we've just been too busy to get together!  We should be getting together soon, to decide on a date that we can make work.  I'll let you know as soon as we have a date in mind.

I tell you... I can't wait for range clean up and BBQ day!  I haven't been to one since we had to go back to Wisconsin in 2013 and I've missed them!  It will be so good to see as many of you as possible.

More to follow soon...


Gayle Buske, Secretary,

Chief Ouray Gun Club 


Chief Ouray Gun Club Range CLOSURE

Delivered to members via email:

Good afternoon,

I'd hoped to get a little more organized before emailing you all but Mother Nature didn't have the same idea in mind.  Ah well, I'll get reorganized eventually anyway.  In the meantime...

The Chief Ouray Gun Club board of directors has made the decision to CLOSE THE GUN CLUB RANGE temporarily, due to the high fire danger in the area.  Effective immediately ALL shooting activities are banned at the range.  The range is still open to archery, however. 

Please help us do our part to reduce the risk of wildfire breaking out and destroying our beautiful corner of the world.

Thanks in advance!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us:

Bob Morss | President, Treasurer | 970.729.0571

Gayle Buske | Secretary, Co-Treasurer | 608.692.7815 |

Mike Ardoin | Director | 970.626.5313 |

Dave Ficco | Director | 970.318.6951 |

Mike Fedel | Director | 970. 318.1423 |