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Range Safety Officer Training at the True Grit Cafe in Ridgway

Posted by Gayle Buske on Monday, April 11, 2011
This past weekend, we held a Range Safety Officer certification class at the True Grit Cafe in Ridgway.  Many thanks to Tammy Tuttle for letting us hold the training there!

Thanks also to Sue Williamson behind the camera for grabbing all these great shots.

The class was FANTASTIC and we now have 16 more certified Range Safety Officers to help keep our range safe!  Thanks to all of you who took the class as well!  We're counting on you :)

John Young, Jim Harville, Jim Buske, Mike Ardoin, Bob Morss

Ronnie Peelo, Dave Coleman, Todd Jones, Instructor-Gayle Buske

Gayle Buske works with Dave Coleman

Ken Garard, Steve Albritton

JJ Hulsebus from Leadville

Dave Coleman

Instructor, Gayle Buske

Jim Harville, Jim Buske, Mike Ardoin, Bob Morss

John Young

Jim Harville

Patrick Rondinelli

Dave Ficco

Todd Jones

Ronnie Peelo

JJ Hulsebus

Bob Cole

Jim Frank

Jim Frank, Patrick Rondinelli, Dave Ficco, Bob Cole, Dave Coleman, JJ Hulsebus, Steve Albritton, Ken Garard

Steve Albritton, JJ Hulsebus, Dave Coleman, Patrick Rondinelli, Todd Jones, Instructor-Gayle Buske

Steve Albritton

Bob Cole

Dave Coleman

Bob Morss

Mike Ardoin

Jim Buske, Mike Ardion

Jim Harville

Instructor, Gayle Buske

Todd Jones

Patrick Rondinelli, Dave Ficco

Dave Coleman, Todd Jones

John Young

Jim Frank, John Young, JJ Hulsebus, Steve Albritton

Jim Frank, John Young, Steve Albritton

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