Range hours and information

Hours:  9:00 am - dusk, Monday through Sunday.  

If you are planning to do a shoot outside of these hours, please contact the Club Secretary at least two weeks in advance of the planned shoot so that arrangements can be made and neighbors of the range can be notified out of courtesy. Depending on what and how you will be shooting, safety issues may need to be discussed and cleared by the Board.  Additionally, in some instances (such as the use of more than a couple explosive targets), the county sheriff's office may need to be notified.

The Chief Ouray Gun Club range is not staffed.  Please, if you see something out of place at the range or witness unsafe activities, let a Club board member know immediately.

There is a gate at the entrance, which is kept locked with a combination lock when the range is not in use.  If you are the last one to leave the range, be sure to lock the gate behind you when you leave.  Don't forget to spin the combo so unauthorized people cannot see the code.

Please be safe and courteous of other shooters.

If you bring it in, pack it out - there are NO trash receptacles at the range!  Please pick up your brass and trash before you leave.  We appreciate you leaving the range in better condition than you found it.

When you are finished shooting, please police the area, picking up your brass and trash and packing it out again.  .22 casings can be left on the ground but all other ammunition casings need to be picked up.  If you do not want your brass, please contact a club officer.  Many members reload ammunition (manufacture new ammunition using spent casings) and would be happy to take your spent brass, rather than seeing it end up in the landfill.

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